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I started martial arts with Tae Kwon Do while in primary school. Not really sure how I got to black belt being the chubby little kid I was back then. Then I moved onto table tennis and again, I was wondering how this chubby kid ended up playing state table tennis in my youth days. By the time I finished uni and started work, I was a pretty heavy dude, around 113kg. I got engaged in 2010 which was when I was introduced to Muay Thai at SSMT. From the first few sessions, I was hooked onto hitting pads and the high energy exertion involved. I lost a good 20kg to get down to 93kg just before my wedding in 2011.

I stayed with SSMT since then and I’ve lost a little bit more and down to 87kg. It has never been more freeing to lose so much weight. To feel more confident in my body image and to have more energy because I don’t have to carry as much weight around. And with 2 young boys of my own, being active and fit has never been more important to be able to do more activities with them and to also role model to them the importance of discipline and staying healthy.

Thanks to the head coaches Baz and Kar, they have helped me develop the Muay Thai skills I have now (and still learning) and I think it’s natural to teach others the right techniques so that they can build on from the basics. Having a good foundation will make it easier to fine tune all the different techniques in Muay Thai.

I have achieved a Level 6, 1st Degree Black (white logo) Singlet Instructor Rank and I enjoy seeing people achieve their goals physically and mentally because I know the feeling.

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