How To Stay Motivated & Interested In Exercise

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How To Stay Motivated & Interested In Exercise

People exercise for differing reasons. For some, health issues may require them to exercise. For others, exercise may help to decrease stress or anxiety, or improve confidence, self esteem and body shape. No matter what the reason, goal setting is extremely important in order to realise your overall objective. Without a road map or path to follow, its difficult to identify your achievements, and you may end up asking yourself what the purpose is to all the exercise (and effort) you are putting in. If you get to this point, you’ll soon grow bored and lose motivation to train. Inevitably, completely quitting training will be the next step.

As outlined above, unless you are setting real and achievable goals, you may find yourself questioning what you are training for. So, how do you set goals when most exercise routines don’t have pre-set targets to be achieved? For some people, they will independently declare and set their own goals to target. However, unless you have the luxury of a personal trainer, it is not uncommon for many peoples’ goals to be seen as being beyond reach.

Muay Thai HIITTraining with purpose

One of the best ways to stay motivated towards your training, is to choose an exercise regime or activity that provides you with an outcome or result. One of the benefits of Muay Thai training is that you learn valuable skills that will benefit you for life, in addition to the other health and fitness benefits that can be achieved through such training.

Incremental goals also provide a sense of purpose. For example, our Muay Thai program is structured into levels, where content is learnt and then tested in a grading. Upon passing each grading, you advance to the next level. The delivery of content within our classes is guided by our syllabus, which structures and outlines what is to be taught, and the goals that need to be achieved to pass a particular grading. This then helps in keeping you motivated, and working towards a goal as you learn new technique.

Community Motivation

Exercising within a community that has positive like-minded people working towards the similar or same goals, provides a ‘team’ like feeling that will help you to put 100% into each training session.

In this sense, classes like our Muay Thai program are the perfect way to achieve your goals. You will be working towards the same objective, with your team mates helping to push and motivate you to success.

Coaching Support

Many of our Muay Thai classes are lead by coaches that are also competitive athletes. As athletes, they have been through the same issues and experienced the same highs and lows, that the everyday person experiences in their day to day exercise regime. As such, they know and have the experience in how to support and motivate people, and are able to keep training interesting, so that you are always learning and growing.

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