Muay Thai Program (Age 13+)

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Muay Thai Program (Age 13+)

Muay Thai Program Age 13+


We provide authentic Muay Thai training that will keep you engaged and motivated.

What is Muay Thai?

An ancient martial art, Muay Thai is now widely practised for fitness and as a sport. Taught with a modern approach, you will learn practical and effective skills while building a solid fitness base.

Training is conducted at high intensity over a short period of time, with fast and rewarding results. This creates a strong mindset, developing focus, confidence, respect, dedication and discipline.


Our Muay Thai Program is structured to develop and challenge individuals as they progress at a gradual rate through each level, whilst building technique and physical fitness.

Each level has technical and physical requirements to be completed in satisfaction of the learning outcomes. Once achieved, individuals progress to the next level of the program.

Consisting of 8 levels, the Muay Thai Program is based upon generally recognised coaching principles. All levels and degrees in the program are identified by colour, and singlet colours are awarded when levels are achieved, along with a certificate of achievement.

As a Muay Thai Australia member gym, we offer a credible Muay Thai program that is professionally delivered by experienced coaches, allowing individuals to obtain instructor/trainer certification at Level 6 of the program.

Level 1 | Yellow Degree: Effort
Level 2 | Orange Degree: Improvement
Level 3 | Blue Degree: Achievement
Level 4 | Green Degree: Courage
Level 5 | Brown Degree: Warrior
Level 6 | Black: Instructor
Level 7 | Black & Red: Assistant Coach
Level 8 | Red: Coach


The aim of our Muay Thai Program is for everyday people to be coached in a way that has them looking and moving like a fighter. This allows individuals to enjoy the benefits created by this style of training, without requiring them to compete.

As you progress through the levels of our Muay Thai Program, you will be exposed to effective self-defence applications. This will build confidence, transforming you from a normal person into an extraordinary one.

Conducted in a fun, safe and ego free environment, our Muay Thai Program will expose you to the excitement and emotion of elite level training. You will learn how to push yourself, whilst dealing with the physical and mental challenges that are integral to life.


Our Muay Thai Program is taught across 6 distinct and separate classes, and engages participants with differing levels of experience.


Our Muay Thai ALL LEVELS class engages low-contact and is suitable for beginners through to experienced practitioners.

You will be provided with a sound foundation of technique from which you can build upon. Training initially focuses on the basics of Muay Thai – including how to wrap your hands – then moves to the more advanced Muay Thai techniques, encompassing boxing, stance, elbows, knees, kicks and clinching,

We will also relate Muay Thai technique to self-defence applications.


Suitable for all members to attend, this class engages light contact, in a fully supervised environment.

Like all of our classes, there is no ego involved.


Members must achieve Grade Level 2 (Orange) before attending this class. Those with prior Muay Thai experience gained from another gym, must have a least 4 weeks of training with SSMT before attending this class.

Members will begin to put together the basic techniques that were learnt from attending sparring DRILLS classes.

All members must understand and observe the rules in sparring. As it should be with all sparring sessions, the focus is on technique and speed, not brute power.