28 Day Kickstarter Program

Are You:

Trying to get results on your own, but still look exactly the same?

Bored of the same old gym routine?

Tired of lacking confidence, energy, motivation and focus?

Looking for a fun workout to get fit and lean?

The good news is you’re not alone, and we’re here to help!
Get Fit, Lean and Confident Without Spending Hours at The Gym!

JOIN THE Kickstarter Program

Right now, we’re looking for 10 beginners to join our Kickstarter Program. 

Join today, and start your journey towards becoming fitter, stronger and more confident, whilst learning the art of Muay Thai.

Only 10 beginners to experience:

28 days of unlimited access to our Muay Thai, Boxing and HiiT programs

Fully guided group training sessions that quickly trim the waistline

Quick progress with a noticeable increase in fitness

Exclusive access to our private Facebook group

Custom easy to follow meal plan, helping you to eliminate nutritional guesswork

Weekly 1:1 call with your allocated coach, who will guide, support and motivate you towards results

Ego-free community with like minded people

Goal setting worksheet – track progress of your achievements

Learn a new skill, and learn to look after yourself whilst having fun

Complete confidence and a massive boost in energy


Attending Classes

As part of the Kickstarter Program, we ask that you attend a minimum of 3 classes per week. However, where circumstances occasionally prevent attendance, you can substitute with one of our home exercise programs, which are provided to you when beginning the Kickstarter Program.

See the 28 Day Kickstarter Program Timetable.

Program Benefits

Each Muay Thai HiiT Station class is conducted at high intensity intervals, where Muay Thai is combined with strength and conditioning exercises. You’ll experience a motivating full body workout, with no two classes being the same.

The Muay Thai and Boxing classes will exercise your mind as much as your body. Combining a cardio intense workout with a strong emphasis on technique you will leave each class feeling empowered, having learnt some valuable self defence skills.

Our friendly team environment means that you won’t be doing this on your own, as there will be a bunch of like minded people around you working towards similar goals. With entry into our private Facebook group, you will have opportunities to meet others who can further mentor, support and motivate you.

Your assigned coach will motivate and support you throughout the entire duration of the program, by providing you with weekly 1:1 phone calls, and in person advice at the gym. In addition, we will provide you with a goal setting worksheet which will allow you to plan what you want to achieve, and hold yourself accountable.

Nailing the nutrition side of things is made easier with our 28 day easy to follow meal plan, which details when and what to eat, so you can have energy throughout the day.


The total cost of our Kickstarter Program is $229. If you’re a fitness beginner that is willing to commit to training at least 3 times per week, and are serious about changing your lifestyle and getting results, then register below for a chance to claim your spot, as places are limited.


Why You’ll Love The Kickstarter Program

High Performance Coaches

With experience in developing elite athletes, we know how to achieve fast and effective results.

Learn Real & Effective Skills

Develop self-defence skills that build confidence, and make you feel empowered.

Stay Motivated in a Great Community

Join an ego-free community of supportive people, spanning all ages and genders.

Stay Motivated in a Great Community

Join an ego-free community of supportive people spanning all ages and genders.

No Experience Required

If you’re a beginner, haven’t previously exercised, or just need a helping hand, you’re more than welcome!

Transform Your Lifestyle

Change your mindset, improve relationships, and make positive and lasting lifestyle changes.

No Boring Gym Routines

Programs that keep you learning, engaged, focused, and motivated to train like never before.



Achieve Long Lasting Results

The 28 Day Kickstarter Program is professionally delivered by our coaching team, who have decades of experience in coaching high performance athletes.

Having specialist knowledge and skills in the areas of motivation, goal setting, weight loss and nutrition, our team can help you achieve the results you have always desired.