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Junior Muay Thai Academy

Creating confident, assertive kids

Muay Thai training for kids isn’t about fighting and aggression. It is about developing self-defence skills and learning to use them wisely.

We are motivated to be positive role models for our students as we work towards developing their confidence, self-esteem and physical abilities.

✓ Positively develop your child’s confidence to apply self-defence tactics, in a safe and fun environment

✓ Improve your child’s mindset by providing the necessary skills for your child to be assertive

✓ Improve your child’s social outlook and schooling, create an outlet to burn energy and increase focus

✓ Learn from coaches who are leaders, mentors and positive role models in their community

✓ Female and male trainers with current police clearances and working with children checks

Junior Muay Thai Academy



Our Junior Muay Thai Academy is suitable for kids aged 5 to 12 years (teens aged 13+ years train in our All Levels Muay Thai).

✓ Mighty Tigers program: 5 to 8 years of age

✓ Tigers program: 9 to 12 years of age

The program is based on the fundamentals of Muay Thai, with a focus on self-defence and sporting applications.

The program recognises progress through effort and development, so kids learn to earn through work ethic and character. We demand good behaviour, values, and ethics inside and outside of the training centre.

Accordingly, we will focus on teamwork, courage, patience, focus, goal setting, responsibility, and leadership. Actively working through and acting out these behaviours will dramatically improve your child’s behaviour, improve school results, and build confidence in dealing with interactions with others.


The Mighty Tiger program is a graded development system consisting of 5 grade levels. The program recognises progress through each grade level by awarding a certificate of achievement, and coloured arm band representing the 4 degrees within a grade level.

The grading curriculum is learnt throughout the term during class time, with an assessment (grading) taking place during the final week of each school term.


Even the most mild-mannered of children can find themselves in a situation where someone is trying to challenge them.

Whilst it is important that your child learns our self-defence skills, we will equally improve your child’s mindset, providing the tools and skills to prevent bullying and to handle the mental and emotional aspect of a bullying situation.

By fostering a community environment where your child can feel safe, we will provide your child with a toolkit that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.


Competition is suited to children who have achieved a minimum of Level 2 and are looking for a greater challenge. They may play other sports for fun and fitness development.

We will provide your child with opportunities to participate at our in-house development day called ‘Rising Stars’. The process of preparing and performing in front of a crowd will give your child a chance to learn, showcase their techniques and provide a fresh boost of confidence.

To be eligible for ‘Rising Stars’ and competition. Sparring Drills and Level 2 above sparring classes are compulsory.

Special offer

Enrol your child for a 1 week free trial so they have time to get to know our gym and trainers.


Parents can train at the same time for the same price as your kids!