Boxing Program

Boxing Program Adelaide


Try boxing or expand your skills at Southside Muay Thai.

We offer a professional-level training facility with all the necessary equipment.

Why choose boxing?

Looking for a high-energy workout and tired of the gym? Boxing will give you the adrenaline hit and the fitness training to overhaul your physique and your confidence.

Become fitter, stronger, faster and more toned as you work on your skills as a fighter in the ring.

Boxing classes at Southside Muay Thai

Choose boxing to supplement your Muay Thai skills or learn on its own.

We train everyone, starting with beginners. If you have always wanted to give boxing a try, why not book a free session with us today?

Our trainers are highly experienced and focused on safety as well as fitness. We will guide you through your training so you learn the most effective techniques.

Our instructors

Southside Muay Thai is affiliated with Boxing SA. All coaches have Level 1 boxing coach accreditation.

All classes are taught by current boxing athletes with competitive ring experience.

SSMT Champions

Our boxing fight team is home to the current women’s 51kg South Australian State Title holder and the current women’s 54kg Australian Club Championships National Title holder.

What to bring

1. A pair of your own boxing gloves
2. Handwraps
3. A towel (compulsory)
4. Water bottle
5. Clean, comfortable exercise attire

If you don’t have the equipment mentioned above, you can purchase these items at our in-store gym shop.

Training Objectives

We start with the basics before progressing to the ring when you are ready.

It is our goal for you to understand and master the correct technique before you face an opponent.

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