Muay Thai HIIT Stations – Strength & Conditioning

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Muay Thai HIIT Stations – Strength & Conditioning

Muay Thai HIIT


We provide a fun and fast paced training experience that will leave you feeling empowered and motivated.

Our Muay Thai HIIT Stations classes are fully guided, and combine the intensity of Muay Thai with strength training – helping you to sweat, tone and boost your confidence.

What to expect

Each class includes a range of engaging activities which are tailored to make each session unique, ensuring that your workouts are never boring and remain fun.

You will see an increase in endurance, flexibility, stability and strength and your overall body conditioning, energy levels and general well-being will also improve.

Conducted in a family friendly environment, you will be surrounded by supportive teammates and coaches, providing you with a place where you can relieve stress.

We understand what it’s like when you want to make changes and get healthy, but you just don’t know where to start.

We also understand the repercussions in not taking time out for yourself.

Our Muay Thai HiiT classes are designed for people who want to achieve results but need a helping hand to get started. Our trainers have a genuine passion for helping people and are here to provide you with quality guidance and advice.