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Member Care Consultant

I’m a pretty average Adelaidian, spending time at Henley or grange beach, camping at Deep Creek and Rapid Bay. Enjoying local pubs like the Wheatsheaf and tasting the best wine that SA always has to offer.

At home I spend my spare time trying to set up a screen-printing studio and hanging out with my dog Watson. He’s a rescue I have had for nearly a year and my best pal. I spend a lot of time in the outdoors, camping and hiking; but also at home being creative with sewing and making dried flower arrangements.

I like to juxtapose all of this with a love for combat sports, a competitive nature, and a love for reality TV. I spent 3 years training MMA, which had a massive impact on my persona today, and helped me through a lot of my ¼ life crisis.

Originally, I used mixed martial arts to lose weight (although it took me three tries to get in the gym). Once I did, the confidence boost was more than enough to motivate me in all other avenues of life. Being in a club environment, socialising and staying active and healthy, lead to more involvement at the gym, and then onto personal training.

I feel that combat sports are an extension of myself, and finding a place to train and be welcomed is paramount to my happiness.

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