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Since I was a child, I have been interested in sports and tried to stay active. I have tried many different sports such as Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball and Teakwondo. When I moved to Adelaide, I found Southside Muay Thai and I soon realised this is the journey I am willing to take and the right place and community to be a part of.

Training at SSMT helped me to break the mental barriers that I had and build a new mentality which help me in training and life in general. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and push beyond the limits I have had create in my mind.

I had two fights so far and I intend to have more fights and train with the fight team at SSMT.

I am very lucky and pleased that I can be a part of SSMT, where I can help others and pass on the knowledge that I have since I started training and help others to achieve their goals in Muay Thai. I had the chance to meet incredible hardworking people who are the best to set as an example and be inspired by them.

Highly encouraged everyone to start their Muay Thai journey whether your goal is to have a good workout, increase self-confidence or a new fun hobby, we are here for you.

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