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  • SSMT is a great place to discover a new level of fun towards fitness. You're welcomed as a new comer no matter what level of fitness and encouraged by a great team and trainers.
    I am thoroughly enjoying my time learning new skills and meeting new people.

    Morgan Krause Avatar
    Morgan Krause
  • I started the 28 day starter program which I would recommend to anyone, the friendly environment made the new experience alot easier. The diet program and training has changed my life and kickstarted me into a direction I will continue to enjoy and stay committed to.

    Kieren Geary Avatar
    Kieren Geary
  • The staff are encouraging, friendly and supportive and the environment itself is great.

    I have personally lost over 15kgs since joining nine months ago and have completely fallen in love with the sport.

    If anyone is considering taking up Muay Thai or just wants a new way to get fit then I absolutely recommend Southside.

    Mark Lenard Avatar
    Mark Lenard
  • I have only been training at this club since November 2017 and it has been amazing. The coaches Barry Saunders and Kar Wong are the best coaches I have ever trained with, it is so very clear that they both have years of knowledge and experience as athletes, fighters, as teachers and trainers. The integrity and respect the coaches have for their students shows in their fighters. It is also pretty clear when you walk into the club and see the many trophies and belts both past and present hanging up with pride that these guys know how train and... read more

    Sally Hurst Avatar
    Sally Hurst
  • Not just throwing this 5 star rating around willy nilly! Very much deserved 5 stars to Coach Barry and Coach Karr... if I could give them 6 stars I would. The atmosphere in this gym is addictive, the trainers, fighters and students are all very welcoming. The coaches and fighters set the bar high when it comes to technique and fitness. I miss this place so much!

    Brooke Smith Avatar
    Brooke Smith
  • I have been training at Southside for about 8 months now (with some previous training experience) and have been impressed with the high standards of the coaching staff and the fighters in the gym. The coaches at Southside are passionate about Muay Thai and will accommodate your needs, whether you are an aspiring fighter or someone who wants to get fit and learn something new. I highly recommend Southside Muay Thai.

    Joshua Fouyaxis Avatar
    Joshua Fouyaxis
  • I first started my training with Southside Muay Thai well over a year ago and have never looked back since! I've been grateful enough to have trained at a number of different Dojo's, Clubs & Martial Arts groups in my years...
    But I have definitely found my home @ Southside Muay Thai
    among friends and great Coaches in a professional yet friendly family orientated environment. Along with great gym facilities and traditional
    Muay Thai training & techniques right at your fingertips.. Or should I say, teep's.
    - SSMT is not just a team of individual Champions, but is more so a...
    read more

    Luke Bramley Avatar
    Luke Bramley
  • Southside Muay Thai provides the perfect training environment for those who have zero experience to those who are seasoned veterans. The friendly and helpful trainers give easy to follow instructions and never miss a thing with your technique. Being continually critiqued on your form helps you to learn quickly and enjoy it while you do. You're never out of your depth at Southside and would recommend it highly to all considering a physical challenge in a encouraging and friendly environment.

    Jim Bob Avatar
    Jim Bob
  • I've been training here for around 18 months now and I wouldn't have it any other way. The trainers are amazing, friendly, motivated, determined and always there to help you with whatever you need (whether it be Muay Thai related or not) I look up to Baz and Kar so much and am so thankful for all the time, effort and help that they put into every member and every session!! I highly recommend this gym to everyone and anyone looking to get fit, stay fit or to fight! I have made some great friends here and no one has... read more

    Benjamin Keir Avatar
    Benjamin Keir
  • Have only been training at SSMT for 8 months and could not rate any higher. The environment, trainers and atmosphere is like nothing I have been involved in and I was addicted instantly. Would highly recommend to any and all types of people, whatever your goals !

    Ben Millington Avatar
    Ben Millington
  • The best place to train and grow as a person under the careful instruction of Kar Wong and Baz Saunders!
    I have been training @SSMT for over six months and know there are no limitations!
    Kar has personally helped me balance well and spar with confidence after loosing my left leg to cancer 23 years ago!
    His attention to help me achieve my goals is second to none!
    Can't wait to see where this journey may takes me!

    David Salem Avatar
    David Salem
  • I have been made to feel so welcome by Kar & Barry & all the members. Lots of support & no judgement about skill level. I have had a severe injury for years and believe this is the place I will overcome it! So glad I bit the bullet & joined up! Thanks. Jay

    Atreyu Edgar Avatar
    Atreyu Edgar
  • Really enjoying training at the SSMT club with Barry and Kar and the team and learning some great new Muay Thai skills from the experienced trainers and getting fit at the same time. Very clean and organized club with a professional friendly team and a great timetable. Strongly recommend to anyone thinking about it to give the free trial a go.

    Matthew Schwab Avatar
    Matthew Schwab
  • Best gym in Adealide for Muay Thai, self defence and fitness. Trainers are second to none and genuinely care about all their members at each and every stage of their training. Its a family gym, there is a a lot of respect here. I have personally benefited from all my training and can apply it in my job environment being in the Military as we train in combatives also. My overall fitness has soared too. Membership is very reasonable too for all that you can do in a week, as many classes as you like. Even in group classes you... read more

    alisonsimone1 Avatar
  • I decided to check out SouthSide Muay Thai because of good feedback I found online. Once I started training here I found the coaches extremely down to earth and the whole gym environment super friendly. There are no members with big egos and I felt extremely welcomed. After training for a while I decided that I wanted to progress and compete in the sport. Even though I was new to the sport I had great support from the fight team members and from the coaches. if you are interested in joining a gym I recommend checking out SSMT, as a... read more

    Anela Ilic Avatar
    Anela Ilic


Muay Thai is a martial art that can be practiced for self-defence, fitness and as a sport. Apart from the obvious health benefits, individuals experience positive growth within many aspects of their personal life.

After training for a short period of time, improved fitness levels prompt physical changes to the body, increasing confidence. As confidence builds, so to does the way we look at ourselves and the way we interact with others. Relationships with family and friends become stronger, and we have more positive interactions with others within our local community. At work, home and school, productivity increases and absenteeism declines.

Develop discipline, focus, tolerance and fairness 

Gain confidence and self-esteem

Enjoy personal growth, through goal setting and target achievement

Improve interpersonal skills and create stronger relationships with others 

Relieve stress, anxiety and depression

Meet new people and create great friendships 

Collaborate with others and learn the dynamics of teamwork

Increase physical fitness and improve overall health and well being




Friendly and ego free training environment, where males and females are equally welcome

Adelaide's largest full-time, fully equipped martial arts training centre

Qualified and experienced coaching team that are mentors and positive role models

Effective and authentic programs, that provide for development and progression throughout each level

Age specific programs, catering for beginners through to professional athletes


We take you on a walk through the gym! Experience the sights, hear the sounds and meet the coaches!