Junior Tigers program (Age 8-12)

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Junior Tigers program (Age 8-12)

Muay Thai Program Age 8-12

Creating confident, assertive kids

Muay Thai training for kids isn’t about fighting and aggression. It is about developing self-defence skills and learning to use them wisely.

We are motivated to be positive role models for our students as we work towards developing their confidence, self-esteem and physical abilities.

✓ Positively develop your child’s confidence to apply self-defence tactics, in a safe and fun environment

✓ Improve your child’s mindset by providing the necessary skills for your child to be assertive

✓ Improve your child’s social outlook and schooling, create an outlet to burn energy and increase focus

✓ Learn from coaches who are leaders, mentors and positive role models in their community


Suitable for children aged 8 to 12 years, the Junior Tigers program is based on the fundamentals of Muay Thai, with a focus on self-defence and sporting applications.

Consisting of 5 grade levels with 4 degrees per level, the program recognises progress through each grade level by awarding a certificate of achievement, and badge affixed to the shorts.

In addition, coloured arm bands representing the 4 degrees within a grade level are awarded once achieved.

Self-Defence Application

Even the most mild mannered of children can find themselves in a situation where someone is trying to hurt them. Providing basic self-defence training allows them to ‘block’ the attempts of another child to strike, push or kick them. The goal is to end the fight, not continue it.

As they build fitness, coordination and balance, your child will learn how to effectively strike, parry, grapple, catch, take-down, throw, negate and guard against an aggressor.

Confidence is built by working through scenario based training drills, giving kids the ability to deal with the fear and pressure of an aggressor.

The more practice that occurs, the more comfortable your child will become when presented with confrontation.

Sporting Application

When training for sport, we will teach your child the necessary skills to participate in ‘points’ or ‘touch contact’ tournaments. Touch contact rules do not allow for any contact to be made with the head; however, touch contact can occur to the body.

We will provide your child with opportunities to participate at our in-house development days, where your child will be awarded with a trophy.

The process of preparing and performing in front of a crowd will give your child a chance to showcase the techniques that they have learnt, improving your child’s mindset and providing a fresh boost of confidence.

We always teach children to remain respectful of the people around them and to use their skills appropriately.

Special offer

Enrol your child for a 7-day free trial so they have time to get to know our gym and instructors.