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Effective 1 Jan 2019

Southside Muay Thai & Fitness (SSMT) is committed to providing children a safe environment for participation in martial arts and self defence training.

  1. Our policy clearly conveys that safety for people under 18 years of age, is concerned with the implementation of procedures processes that minimise risk. All coaches carry the responsibility to provide safeguards dedicated to the well-being of people under 18 years of age.
  2. All coaches will hold a suitable working with children security clearance issued by the relevant state and/or federal authorities.
  3. SSMT will not participate, expose or subject a person under 18 years of age to sexual behaviors or acts that are exploitative and/or inappropriate to his or her development years. Such activities can involve a wide range of sexual activities which exploit children, some of which includes forcing, tricking, bribing, threatening or pressuring a child into sexual activity.
  4. The abuse of under 18’s, by other members and/or by external sources is not acceptable. SSMT will immediately report all incidents to the appropriate authorities.


SSMT endorses the following code of conduct and the suggested procedures for those responsible for activities involving persons under the age of 18 years. Furthermore, our coaches agree to abide by the requirements further outlined below.

Our Coaches will:

  • Comply with our working with children code of conduct.
  • Assume responsibility for the welfare, safety and well-being of all members.
  • Remain accountable for maintenance of a duty of care towards all members relating to safety, instruction, coaching, training, development and competition.
  • Ensure that any physical contact with others is appropriate and necessary to the situation, and after all safety considerations have been explored and met. All physical contact to be undertaken will be necessary and appropriate for the person’s skill development.
  • Provide and maintain a safe learning environment for everyone.
  • Be fair, considerate and honest with others, and maintain a professional manner regarding their language and presentation.


The following safeguards and procedures apply to those who facilitate the delivery and supervision of activities undertaken by people under 18 years of age.  Typically, this capacity applies to our coaches.


Our coaches supervisory role is one of trust. All must have a demonstrated capability in the form of qualifications or experience, regarding knowledge of the physical requirements and skills to manage under 18’s. In addition, all coaches should have current first aid qualifications.

All coaches understand that under 18’s have the right to:

  • A clean and safe training environment
  • Be listened to and respected
  • Take calculated risks in a controlled environment

Collecting Children After Class

Under 18’s may not leave the premises other than with a parent or guardian, unless alternative arrangements have been otherwise made.

In the event of unauthorised person trying to collect a child, the police will be notified.

Training Area

The training area will have:

  • Change areas, toilets, water, soap and clean towels
  • Drinking water available, but under 18’s will be encouraged to bring their own
  • Sensible staffing ratio’s
  • Identified fire equipment and exits
  • Good ventilation and temperature control
  • Clean appropriate flooring
  • Functional first aid kit

Training Equipment

All training equipment should be appropriate for the intended age group. Members are encouraged to have and maintain their own equipment.

All shared equipment is kept in good condition and washed regularly.


All coaches must abide by the following behaviors, by not engaging or allowing others to engage in:

  • Aggressive, physically distressing or sexually provocative activities
  • Sexually suggestive comments to/or about a person
  • Inappropriate or intrusive touching of a person

Our responsibilities

SSMT expects that:

  • Coaches comply with the SSMT Working with Children Policy ‘Code of Conduct’
  • Take appropriate action if any staff breach the SSMT Working with Children Policy
  • Coaches will not physically, sexually or emotionally abuse members
  • Appropriate action will be taken in the event of accusations raised
  • Keep copies of all coaches security clearances regarding working with children

SSMT will:

  • Provide a safe environment for all members and coaches
  • Provide ongoing promotion regarding our policy and procedures relating to child protection
  • Facilitate open discussions with regard to child protection issues
  • Treat suspected abuse information with confidentially
  • Take appropriate action regarding a breach of standards relating to behaviors identified within our child protection policies and regulations

How to contact us or make a complaint

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, or if you wish to update the information we hold concerning you, please contact:

Southside Muay Thai

Shop 12, Black Forest Shopping Centre 715-727 South Rd (Enter of Byron Rd) Black Forest SA 5035


We will take reasonable steps to remedy any issues resulting from our failure to comply with our privacy obligations.