Access to specialised knowledge

  Mentoring, motivation and support

  Schools and sporting teams

  Nutritional advice

  Muay Thai and self-defence tuition

  Strength and endurance training

  Tailored fitness programs

  One on one, or one on two sessions 


Personal training is suitable for females and males of all ages.

If you cannot attend our group sessions, or do not feel comfortable within a group training environment, personal training is for you.

Alternatively, you could be seeking to improve your confidence and self worth; or wanting to make positive changes to other aspects of your personal life. On the other hand, you may be concerned about bullying, and would like your child to develop assertiveness and self-defence skills.

Regardless of the reason, our commitment to providing quality personal training programs will ensure accomplishment beyond your expectations.

Anela Ilic and barry PT
kar wong


Soraya says ... "Barry is a wonderful coach and mentor. He pushed me to achieve my goals through encouragement and support.

He has so much passion for Muay Thai, which really shows in his teaching and great knowledge of the sport.

Since my very first session with Barry my technique and fitness increased beyond my expectations. This gave me a lot of confidence in everyday life."

John says ..."Training one on one with Barry drastically improved my training. Not just with my technique but also with fitness.

I was able to accomplish more from the training sessions each week."

Glenn says ..."Prior to joining Southside Muay Thai my lifestyle involved a lot of sitting around (due to my work) and eating unhealthy due to the convenience of it with having 2 kids I always found myself strapped for time (My excuse!)

What made me want to come join was I was unhappy with my lifestyle choices and woke up one morning looked at myself in the mirror and was unhappy with whom I saw. It did not reflect the person who I was or who I wanted to be inside. I felt that I let not only myself down but was not reflecting a healthy role model image for my children.

Since starting my PT sessions with Ben in late August and commencing the 28 day challenge late September not only have I noticed changes in my body weight and cardio but also in my mentality and how I approach all my interactions with others. I feel more confident in interacting with new people and more disciplined in waking up early in the morning and running my schedule in a regimental manner.

Family, Friends and even fellow students now say that I am “addicted” to training but in all honesty I look at it as dedication. I know I am only going to get out of this as much I put in. I want to be able to push the boundaries of what I believe I am capable of not only in the gym but outside. I know that Ben and the coaches at SSMT push me hard but that’s because they understand how hungry I am to exceed my own expectations.

From 142Kg to now 128kg in a month and a half is a major achievement but it’s just the start. I look at Muay Thai now not only as a combat sport or self-defence but as spiritual journey where mind, body and spirit meet to bring out the best in one’s self. My current goal is to get to 100Kg with my long-term goal to get to 90kg-95kg. Maybe one day when ready I can achieve my ultimate dream of stepping into a ring."


We have a genuine passion for helping people to learn and grow through focused training, guidance and advice.

We believe in providing our clients with a range of innovative activities which are tailored to make each session unique.

Typically our personal training sessions include Muay Thai drills, plyometrics, weights resistance training, running and stretching.

Our personal training program will increase endurance, flexibility, stability and strength. Overall fitness, body conditioning, energy levels and general well-being will also improve. Personal training may also assist in the management of:

  • Weight
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Moods, anxiety and depression
  • Bone density
  • Muscle mass
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol levels


Our personal training program is professionally delivered by our coaching team, who have extensive knowledge and skills in the areas of motivation, lifestyle coaching, planning, goal setting, fitness, nutrition and stress management.


1:1 Personal Training (Non SSMT Members)

$80 Single Session
  • Single PT Session for Non SSMT Members
  • Session Duration: 55 minutes

1:1 Personal Training (Non SSMT Members)

$700 10 x Sessions Upfront
  • 10 x PT Sessions for Non SSMT Members
  • PT Duration: 55 minutes
  • Min. committment of 2 x PT sessions per week