Q: Why did you start Muay Thai training?

A: I started training in a style called Zen Do Kai (when I was younger) it was held at Christies Beach High School Gym with instructor by the name of (big) Dave Hussey. I trained under him and his crew for about 6 years.

The reason why I started training in the first place is a very personal one for me. (Among many other reasons) I decided to start training because I was sick of being picked on, feeling and being vulnerable, scared and weak, I was also very small for my age.

I’ve always been a very driven and headstrong person and I’ve always been a competitive person.

I was asked to compete in the ring in my early 20s, and now I wished I had competed back then, but I was way to scared. In the past few years I’ve decided that I wanted to conquer my fear and start competing in Muay Thai.

SSMT member Sally
SSMT member Sally

Q: Do you remember what it was like when you were just starting out Muay Thai training?

A: It’s sort of hard to remember the exact details because once you understand what is expected of you at training, how to punch and kick you tend to focus on that and what else you need to learn from there. It is very easy to forget what is was like and what you were like as a beginner.

I do remember learning katas in Zen Do Kai and having no idea on what I was doing or why let alone trying to follow and learn all of those moves! I also remember being very impatient as a beginner I just wanted to learn everything at once and be so strong I wanted to be like Bruce Lee!

Q: How did you become a masseur?

A: The story of how I became a Masseur isn’t at all very exciting lol! At the time I was looking for a career, something to study and while looking through the local newspaper I found a advertisement to study a Diploma of Remedial Massage that was all the way back in 2003…..I started studying in 2004 and finished in 2008 with two diplomas one in Aromatherapy and the other in Remedial Massage.

I remember failing my Trigger Point Therapy class and I tried to avoid redoing the subject by becoming an Aromatherapist but in the end the principal of the college said to me that this was the only subject I had left to complete my Diploma in Remedial Massage, so I went back and repeated my TP subject and passed.

They say that ‘in order to succeed you must fail.’ I’ve been a therapist for 8 years now and I love using this technique in my practice and have never looked back.