Q: Why did you start Muay Thai training?

A: I started Muay Thai in Jan 2016. I began Muay Thai training because I weighed 98KGs, I was unfit, a heavy smoker, heavy drug taker and heavy drinker. Was in a pretty bad place at this stage in my life with a lot of personal issues, family issues and I was basically unemployed. I wanted to get fit and was hoping it would give me a different outlook and help me change my life for the better. Which it certainly did!! 2 and a half yrs later Im 73/74 KGs training as a fighter under Barry & Kar with a current record of 1-0. I cleaned my life up been off the smokes for nearly 2yrs, no drugs and I rarely drink. I’m full time employed, have a beautiful girlfriend and genuinely feel I owe it all to Muay Thai!!

SSMT member Nick
SSMT member Nick

Q: What was the most challenging thing you found when you first started training?

A: The most challenging thing when I first started training was not giving up!! I spewed every time I trained for at least the first month but I kept coming back and the spews got smaller and smaller haha!

Q: What kept you coming back?

A: I Kept coming back because I wanted to get fit at first but then I got hooked and couldn't stay away!!!

Q: Describe the members you train with here

A: Members at Southside are from all walks of life and all great people to train with.

Q: When you first started training, did you ever imagine or see yourself competing in Muay Thai?

A: I never imagined I’d ever compete in Muay Thai but here I am haha!!

Q: Tell us something we don’t know about you?

A: I am Irish, born and raised in Dublin and moved to Adelaide when I was 13yrs old.

Q: What advice/motto do you live by every day?

A: Get Rich Or Die Trying haha not really!! Sinn Féin is a motto I live by - it means 'ourselves alone' in Irish and I have it tattooed on my knuckles.