Q: Why did you start Muay Thai training?

A: I played netball my whole life until I was introduced to Muay Thai at 19. It was suggested to me by some friends that I would be interested. I started Muay Thai to learn new skills, try something new, learn how to protect myself and meet new friends. 10 years later, I haven't stopped training at SSMT and nothing will ever make me leave SSMT or stop training.

SSMT member Janelle
SSMT member Janelle

Q: What do you enjoy about Muay Thai training?

A: The facilities, trainers, friends, fight team.. everything. I love working hard, getting sweaty, laughing with my friends, fighting and every session learning something new.

Q: Besides being a South Australia Muay Thai Champion, what else are you good at?

A: I'm good at talking a lot and being loud. Anyone that knows me would know I talk alot. But on a serious note; I'm generally good at most sports I play. Still get roped into playing social netball every now and again.

Q: Describe the members you train with here?

A: I train with an AMAZING fight team. We're a big happy gym family. We have the most versatile team, all with different experience and knowledge levels, and all willing to help one another out. We know one another inside and out. When someone's having a bad session; we know how to pick that person up.

How to keep everyone motivated by cheering the team on and how to work together as a group to kick our own individual goals. Not just to win fights, but to grow, learn, thrive and become better people in and out of this sport. It's not just about raised hands and wins. It's about so much more than that.

Q: What an advice can you give to a new member just started training here?

A: You get out of training what you put into it. No one else is responsible for that except you. If you train hard in as many classes that you possibly can, then you'll see and gain the results.

Yes it's hard work but the results that you get from this beautiful sport and at SSMT are second to none.

We've all been in a beginner's place. Just remember that. I'll never forget my very first session at SSMT. Everyone is so kind and lovely, and will help you out if you need. Theres no judgment. We've all started from scratch at one stage. None of the fight team started with trophies and belts in their cabinets at home. We started not knowing how to skip, run, throw punches and wrap our hands just like new members.

Southside is a place where you go to switch off from the world. No matter what kind of day you've had, you just turn your mind off from your worries and listen to the coaches and teachers and finish up the class feeling relieved that your worries are gone for the day.

I always refer to sessions at SSMT like yoga. I dont go to "bash things" and "get my anger out" (which all your friends will say and assume you do!). I go to have fun with friends, work hard, laugh, get sweaty, learn new things and work towards the goals I've set.

Q: How did you get you nickname J-nelle Nutella?

A: I've gone through alot of nicknames over the years: "Nellie", "J-Nell" and "Nelle" have stuck the most. Mainly because they're shorter version of my actual name.

I've been called "Purple People Eater" in the past, due to my favourite colour being purple and anyone that's seen me fight or train, will know I'm always wearing something purple.

"Banshee" is a new one I've had recently. I'm not exactly the most quiet pad hitter or person in general.

The Nutella nickname; "Janella Nutella" stuck to me like glue because when I first started fighting I had a huge obsession with Nutella. Grown out of that over the years, but dont mind the odd spoonful in the middle of the night still.

Happy to get some fight name suggestions though! I need something consistant to put on all my fight shorts.. let me know if anyone finds something fitting! 😉