Q: When and why did you start Muay Thai training at SSMT?

A: I started about 2 years ago because I was looking for something that could make me fit and build my confidence level, as I was a fairly shy person.

SSMT member Con
SSMT member Con

Q: What was the most challenging thing you found when you first started training?

A: When I first started training, the most challenging aspect was development of new skills. It was a different way of moving and teaching myself out of bad habits took a lot of time and constant self reminding.

Q: Describe the members you train with here?

A: The members are a great bunch of people who are very easy to get along with. They all help you to improve at training and give good advice when something isn’t clicking. Everyone is very friendly and they are people to hang around with outside of training as well.

Q: Do you want to compete in Muay Thai?

A: I think it would be a really good experience to get into the ring, and its something that I would gain a lot from. Apart from that I’m not looking to compete for the long term

Q: Has Muay Thai training helped with your Uni study?

A: Muay Thai has changed the way I studied; I used to leave assignments to the last minute, now I do them as soon as I can, knowing that if I don’t ill miss out on training. It has made me disciplined and this has made me achieve success in my studies.

Q: Apart from Muay Thai, what else are you good at?

A: I like to tinker with things in the garage.

Q: Best advice you have ever received and from who?

A: Keep your guard up – Kar