Q: Why did you start Muay Thai training?

A: I wanted to learn self defence and I also waned to better my fitness and challenge myself to try something that was out of my comfort zone. Before I started training I could not even throw a straight punch at a boxing bag! I had never tried anything like this before and that in itself was scary and exciting!

SSMT member Alison
SSMT member Alison

Q: What is your biggest challenge getting to training with 2 kids? And how do you manage it?

A: I am fortunate enough that SSMT is centrally located, so I can still go to the 5pm class and pick up my two children from day care just after 6pm. Even if I finish work early if the gym is open I can stop in and do some personal training. I’ve always felt very welcome and its never a problem to be there! I’ve even brought my Mr 3 in to punch the bags with mummy and do some special warm ups, he loves ‘mum’s gym’.

Q: Describe the people you train with

A: Everyone I have met has become a friend. Everyone is supportive of each others journey no matter what skill level or why they train, be it to fight or to increase fitness or drop some weight or all of the above like myself. The respect everyone has for each other, SSMT trainers and the gym is evident from day one and on top of that, although we train hard, we can also have a good laugh and banter. Even on days when I’m not feeling motivated, I feel so much better having trained with the team. There’s a real sense of belonging and that makes you focus harder because you don’t want to let anyone down when holding pads and making them work hard too!

Q: Apart from Muay Thai, tell us something you are good at

A: I have recently started running. I started to increase my endurance for sparring and somehow my distance kept increasing, now I am training to complete a half marathon with some of the team from SSMT, another goal I never thought I would do. I also do a little bit of BJJ and I’m not too shabby with a riffle on the range either.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?

A: Muay Thai is life! Hehe. I love to be with my children, homelife watching them grow and learn, baking cupcakes, going to the zoo, the park and just being mum.

Q: What advice can you give to anyone thinking about giving Muay Thai a go?

A: Find a reputable club, one that has experienced trainers, good facilities and active fighters. This gives you an indication that you will learn correct techniques in your training. Correct technique is paramount from the beginning. SSMT ticks all those boxes and more.

Just get in there – we all started from the same place. Listen and do what you’re instructed. Putting on wraps & gloves & those Muay Thai shorts you probably have never ever worn before for the first time is a strange feeling but once you get past that and learn your strikes you will love the feeling of putting your gear on ready to work! Shadow boxing… you will get used to it! Hehe, trust me!!

Respect the process. Trust the training. We all have our days when we feel exhausted and unmotivated but keep showing up. Even when you can’t quite get that combination, keep going! Because one day that combo is going to click and the pieces of the puzzle will all come together! And before you know it, you’ll see just how far you have come, just how much you have achieved from day one and that is something to be proud of within yourself!

Q: Favourite TV show and snacks to go with it?

A: I am a sucker for The bold and the Beautiful, I will probably never live that down now but I’ve been watching it forever! Can’t beat chocolate. I’ve tried – Chocolate always wins!