Q: Why did you start Muay Thai training?

A: I decided to give muay thai a go after I did a muay thai based class at a local gym. It was different to the style of training we do at the Southside but the basics were the same. The second reason is that I wanted to change the environment I was in, wanted to meet new people and do something different for a change.

SSMT member Adrianna
SSMT member Adrianna

Q: What is rewarding to you about Muay Thai training?

A: I find that muay thai gives me a sense of accomplishment that I haven’t found in any other sport, it helps my self esteem and my overall mental and physical health. When I leave the gym I feel energised, happy and fulfilled. Muay thai helps me relax and has also helped me focus on myself and developing my skills both inside and outside of the gym.

Q: How does your training improve your daily life, study and work?

A: As I said before, training helps me focus and it makes a huge difference in my mental health, helps me relax and just let go of all the anxiety I feel on a regular basis. Training on a regularly helps me stay focused and gives me a goal to work for.

Q: Describe the members you train with here?

A: The people are what makes Southside such an amazing place to train. We get to train with people of all ages, backgrounds and with stories that are completely different to mine. I find that the people training at the gym tend to be non-judgmental, down to earth and honest, with a genuine desire of helping people become better at muay thai and other aspects of life regardless of their goals.

Q: What 3 simple advices can you give to anyone thinking to give Muay Thai a go?

A: Don’t be afraid to give it a go, everything seems dark and scary at first but I can assure you that muay thai will only improve your life Make sure you stretch really well after your first session, you’ll be sore the next day!, but keep training and doing your best and it will get a 10000000 times better. Just do it! You’ve got nothing to lose.

Q: What benefits have you found from Muay Thai?

A: I have found that my flexibility has improved a lot, I can do things I could only dream of a year ago. My physical and mental health have improved a lot, I’ve become more self aware and have met amazing people on the way.