When am I ready to fight? Answer to your million dollar question:

Answer to your million dollar question us Coaches get ask every week. When am I ready to fight? Answer simple: you’re ready when you want to fight. I had my first fight at 17 with couple of weeks notice, Tuesday night, school night and I told my parent I was going training but be home […]

4 Easy Way to get through Winter

  Some of us have been struggling to get motivated this winter. Here are 4 easy ways to get you Motivation and Energy back. 1. Clean Eating: no point trying to get motivated to train by eating bad food. Unhealthy food will make you feel sluggish and tired. My suggestion is simply start today with […]


“I AM SOUTHSIDE MUAY THAI” : Sharing your positive changes you have made to your life since you started training here….. “GET CONNECT” : Friendships aren’t always easy to find. We believe sharing life through Southside MT community is a very important way for us all to encourage and support one another. So you can […]

SsMT Running Group

Congratulation to all the Runners conquer their Half Marathon 21.1kms. 12 weeks program Beginner to Half Marathon Finishers…

New Location

Knees of Fury 47 November Adelaide

Dylan Southside Muay Thai def David Forged Warrior MT   Janelle Southside Muay Thai def Alex The Station Gymnasium

Muay Thai Beginners

              is for students age 17+ with little or no previous experience in Muay Thai or other martial art and is mid contact. The training focuses on teaching the basic hands, elbows, knees, legs, grappling skills, sparring, some self defence and fundamentals of Muay Thai training style. We will […]

Muay Thai Intermediate

                    Muay Thai training for male and female, age 17+. These sessions are mid contact and participants must have past Muay Thai or other martial arts experience. Incorporates Muay Thai technique drills with Muay Thai Strength and Conditioning drills to improve cardio, speed, strength and endurance. […]

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