Honesty, Respect & Integrity: Defining Values Through Muay Thai

May 23, 2018

One of the major benefits to be gained from Muay Thai, is the opportunity to define your own values. More often than not, honesty, respect and integrity are identified as the key values that are engaged and developed through Muay Thai training. As a coach, we have a special relationship with our fighters. Training 3-4 […] Read More

Don’t Know What to Expect From Your First Muay Thai Class? Here Are 5 Must Know Tips!

April 23, 2018

Your first day at school can be a nerve racking experience. New people, new uniform, new teachers and unfamiliar surroundings create that sense of nervousness that we can all relate to. I remember the first time I walked into a Muay Thai gym – I had the same feeling at the first day of school! […] Read More

Shins of Steel 11 – Whyalla

March 19, 2018

Another great weekend been invited by Justin Fennell to Shins of Steel 11 at Whyalla. Thank you for your supporting SSMT and Muay Thai South Australia. Vasilli SSMT def Darcy CardioFlex (walk through) Nick SSMT def James Warlock Gym (unanimous decision) Mitch SSMT vs Anthony Universal Fight Club (no contest due to head clash) Guy […] Read More

How to deal with harassment and bullying at school

March 7, 2018

Having just started at primary school a few weeks ago, and not even 5 years of age, my daughter is one of the smallest children in reception. Unfortunately, her experience with school is yet to be a positive one, as she is being physically contacted by other reception students. This has left her feeling miserable, […] Read More

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