IFMA Youth World Game Bangkok 2017

Well done to Daniel Southside Muay Thai representing Team Aus at IFMA Youth World Championship in Bangkok. Daniel lose to well experience opponent from Kazhakstan came overall Silver medal. Thank you for Team SSMT travelling to Bangkok to support Daniel on a big stage.

MAX Muay Thai Pattaya – Thailand July 2017

Mitch won his second fight this year in the land of Muay Thai Thailand.

Ultimate Legends Victoria – IKBF East Coast Defence – 28/7/2017

Rachael still current IKBF East Coast Title after a tough fight. Thank you Joe for the matched up.

Resurrection of the Warrior 19 South Australia

Thank you Resurrection of the Warrior promotions for putting on another great show and thank you for the matched up. 1st up Brandon SSMT lose a rematched to Brodie. Matt went out hard and won his 1st match against Adrian Forged Warriors in 4 Men Eliminator. Then lose in the Final after a close fight. […]

Knees of Fury 64 – Adelaide – 20 May 17

Congratulations to #Kneesoffury Sheppster promotions for putting on another great show and to all our opponents. Well done to Ben SSMT took the fight with a short notice, did everything we’ve asked and came out with the win 👊. Unlucky for Matt out class his opponent for 2 and a half round. Due to a […]

Ultimate Legends Victoria – IKBF East Coast Champion – 31/3/2017

                      Rachael Southside Muay Thai def Bek McLaughlin for IKBF East Coast Title 2017

Shins Of Steel 10 – Whyalla – 25/3/2017

Congratulation to Justin Fennell and his team successfully promoting Shins of Steel 10th year straight. It was fantastic to see so many people to filled the stadium.               Mike Southside Muay Thai def Daniel Warlocks Whyalla               Mitch Southside Muay Thai def Gilbert […]

Knees of Fury 62 – Adelaide – 25 February 17

Rachael Southside Muay Thai Def Bec Boyd Beast Gym Ben Higgins Absolute MMA Def Matt Southside Muay Thai Chris Southside Muay Thai Def Rachael Boys  

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