Combat Sport Promotions (Port Adelaide)

October 31, 2018

Combat Sport Promotion first show and it was an awesome one. Thank you for the invited to fight on your show and making all the fighters feel extra specials. We didn’t get all the results we would like on the day. But it was no loses stepping in the ring at anytime to battle but […] Read More

Knees of Fury 71 (Adelaide)

October 31, 2018

Great night for Team Southside MT Adelaide here at Knees of Fury 71. Racheal SSMT def Rosie Duxfield from New Zealand for the IKBF South Pacific Title. Anela SSMT defenced her South Australia IKBF Muay Thai title against Shannon (Boar) Courtney (Blacco Gym) def Christina SSMT Seth (Toe to Toe) def Trent SSMT Well done […] Read More

Conquering the fear of sparring and fighting

October 7, 2018

Many combat athletes admit to being afraid. Like all of us, they too experience self-doubt and negative thoughts. Don’t think that there is something wrong with you because you feel afraid to fight. Sparring can be dangerous; hence feelings of fear are completely valid. It is what you do with the fear that you feel, […] Read More

Muay Thai: Empowering Women In Sport

July 23, 2018

Physically, Muay Thai builds strength and fitness. Mentally, Muay Thai trains the mind by teaching discipline and commitment. Muay Thai can have such a positive impact on the community by breaking down barriers, building character and uniting all people regardless of race, sex or age. Women In Muay Thai Traditionally, the gender based roles assigned to […] Read More

Guide To Shin Conditioning

July 16, 2018

Many martial arts use the instep of the foot for making contact with a kick. In Muay Thai, the shin is used as the impact point for executing a round kick, and also used to block (also known as check) an opponents kick. Given that we are kicking and blocking with our shins, we need […] Read More

Introduction To Plyometrics Training

June 26, 2018

Plyometric exercises are made up off fast movements, over a short period of time. Such movements include power jumping, repetitive bounding and quick force production. When muscles eccentrically contract or shorten, then immediately stretch and lengthen, they produce maximum power. This is called the stretch-shortening cycle. Plyometric training decreases the time between your eccentric and concentric […] Read More

Why Martial Arts is Crucial for Your Teen’s Wellbeing

June 22, 2018

With childhood obesity on the rise, it is important for young people to stay active. Whilst there are many ways stay active, the activity chosen should provide a broad range of benefits. Martial arts stands as one of the best activities for young people to undertake, given its positive outcomes. Teaching life long skills, Muay […] Read More

How A Change In Mindset Can Overcome Bullying (Part 1)

June 20, 2018

Welcome to part 1 of our special blog post regarding overcoming bullying through a change in mindset. Changing the bullying culture  Unfortunately, everyone has a story when it comes to bullying. As a parent and martial arts instructor, I continually here about bullying incidents. As adults, we have an opportunity to change the culture of […] Read More

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